Why Cloud With Me is the ultimate WordPress hosting solution

The world is changing. Quickly. Yesterday’s great innovation could be on tomorrow’s scrapheap as the latest tech development takes over. Nowhere is that more relevant than in the realm of hosting, as cloud hosting begins to become the fastest and easiest way to host a website.

That’s where Cloud With Me comes in. What happens if you want to host your WordPress website on the cloud but you don’t know where to start?

Cloud With Me allows you to host your website on the best premium cloud hosting providers, and helps you with every step of the process so you can easily navigate any roadblocks you find along the way.

Ranging from robust analytics to powerful, one click install add-ons, our cloud-based servers offer an incredible collection of powerful features that will prove vital to the continued growth of your business. It only takes a couple of clicks and a few minutes for our automated installation. No matter which server type you select, you’ll receive lots of FREE, pre-configured features, including server install, HTML, MySQL, FTP, email, and analytics functionalities.

Cloud With Me for small businesses

We understand the cloud hosting needs and issues for small businesses. When you have a small operation of only a few people, and everyone is doing their best to keep the business alive, the last thing you want to worry about is where your site is hosted. While you could hire a developer for your team, they don’t come cheap.

Small businesses can choose from any of our cloud hosting packages, from premium providers Google Cloud, AWS and Azure and can upscale their plan as and when they choose. They also have access to an excellent support network which can guide you through installation, WordPress migration and any other stage of the process.

Cloud With Me for developers

Migrating your WordPress site to cloud hosting may seem like a simple task for many advanced developers, but various constraints often arise. Cloud With Me offers a degree of customisation to developers to perform tasks manually throughout our dashboard.

All cloud hosting plans offered by Cloud With Me include:

  • DNS Management
  • CDN
  • SSH Access
  • CMS integration
  • Email
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL
  • FTP
  • Hi-speed installation

So, how do I get started on Cloud With Me? Here is a selection of our guides which show you how to get the ball rolling on your cloud hosting package.

1. Go to Cloud With Me and click Log in (if you have an account) or Sign Up.

2. Choose your hosting provider, and click NEXT.

Please note: If you’ve installed a server with Cloud With Me before, you’ll be presented with a different page than the one shown above, with your existing servers listed. If this is the page you’re presented, click ADD NEW SERVER and then choose your hosting provider.

3. Enter your domain (website address), and click NEXT.

4. Select your hosting plan and server region. You can choose whichever server region you like, but it’s advisable to choose one that’s closest to your where your website visitors are located. Click NEXT.

5. Select any add-ons you’d like to include with your server package. Click NEXT.

6. Review your Order Summary, and choose to be billed monthly, or annually. Click NEXT.

7. Choose your payment method and click NEXT.

8. Watch as your new cloud server is automatically installed in minutes!

So I’ve installed my server, what’s next? It’s time to connect your domain to your cloud server:

1. Log in to your Cloud With Me account, go to your Dashboard, and click Domains.

2. Under Name servers, you will see the DNS for your domain name. Take a note of this, as you will need to add this to the account where you purchased your domain name.

3. Go to the website where you created / registered your domain name, and log in to your account.

Note: We have included screenshots from GoDaddy.com. If you used an alternative website to purchase your domain it will look different, but the instructions will be very similar. If you can’t remember where you registered your domain name, please scroll down to How to find out where your domain is registered.

4. Go to Manage Domains> My Domains> on your domain click the 3 dots > Manage DNS

5. Select Default on the drop down menu.

6. Select the option Custom which will open 2 text boxes allowing you to inform the Name servers of your new server.

7. Save your changes.

Please note: the DNS change usually takes 24 hours to be propagated. In some cases this time frame can take up to 72 hours. After this process, your Cloud With Me Dashboard should update to show your changes in the Domain section.

How to find out where your domain is registered

If you don’t remember where your domain is registered, you can find out using WHOis.net.

In this example, you can see the domain “testingcwm.com” is registered with GoDaddy.com.

Now your domain is connected, how do you migrate your WordPress site so it is aligned with your server and domain?

To migrate your WordPress website to Cloud With Me you will first need to download a copy of your WordPress website.

1. Log in to your WordPress account.
2. Install and activate the All-In-One WP Migration plugin.

3. Export your website.

4. Select FILE, and click DOWNLOAD. This is likely to download in a ZIP file.

5. Save your download

Next, you need to create a Cloud With Me server with WordPress.

6. Log in to Cloud With Me and find the temporary Admin URL to access your WordPress website. You can find this here:

By clicking on your temporary Admin URL, you will be taken to your WordPress Admin website – you’ll use the Admin username and Admin auto-generated (password) to access it.

7. On your WordPress Admin website, go to Plugin panel and in the search box look for All-In-One WP Migration (step 2).

8. Install and Activate the All-In-One WP Migration Plugin.

9. Import the zip file that you downloaded earlier.

10. Take the time to review your new website and check that everything was imported correctly. Remember you’ll need to use the same username and password from your old website.

11. Next, point your domain to your new website’s nameservers. This can be found on the Instance Details page on the Cloud With Me Dashboard.

And that’s it!

This is the basic process of how to get the ball rolling on your WordPress website with Cloud With Me. Our automated installation process and innovative dashboard provide you with all the modern tools needed for a premium hosting solution.

Still sound a bit complex? Fear not – our support is here to deal with any enquiries or issues you come across. Come say hello!

Cloud With Me removes the technical barriers to make cloud hosting accessible to anyone, anywhere. Premium cloud hosting has never been easier. Try Google Cloud risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee now!