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Guest Blog: Hosting Advice on Cloud With Me

Hosting Advice  managing editor Laura Bernheim penned this post on our premium cloud hosting solution. Check it out! To read the full post click here.

Despite the increased hype and skyrocketing demand, getting started with cloud hosting is not for the faint of heart. The vast feature set and ample resources found at Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud add significant levels of complexity, even for business owners looking to migrate a lone WordPress site. Cloud With Me, however, bridges the gap with a highly automated service that efficiently handles cloud server configurations, deployments, and management. By repaving the on-ramp, Cloud With Me tailors high-powered and scalable hosting to customers at all levels of technology experience.

It’s an age-old, two-pronged dilemma many businesses face: When is it time to abandon shared hosting in favor of more powerful cloud hosting? Also, how the heck do you manage a cloud environment and still have time to run your business?

Dublin-based upstart Cloud With Me aims to make the transition a non-issue for entrepreneurs by boiling down cloud migrations to just three clicks and 10 minutes. Once the installation and configuration are complete, the company will manage customers’ servers and chosen add-on services such as WordPress, Magento, and Laravel.

By streamlining the move to the cloud, Cloud With Me makes the switch to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud more achievable and attainable for smaller businesses that lack the time or technical know-how. Business Development Executive Emma Morris told us that, by trusting Cloud With Me, entrepreneurs can continue focusing on key business objectives rather than hiring experienced IT administrators.

“Time is precious when it comes to setting up and maintaining a small business, so the hours spent trying to install and implementing cloud hosting may not be worth it,” she said. “We take care of that to let entrepreneurs get on with growing their prospects.”

So many startup stories begin in a select few number of places, often a college dorm room or a bar. Cloud With Me’s history starts in the latter, as tech industry veterans Gilad Somjen and Asaf Zamir met for the first time at a Dublin drinking establishment in mid-2015.

The business owners shared stories and commiserated with each other over the challenges of focusing on core business goals amid the slate of ancillary issues such as accounting, human resources, and IT management. A particularly hot part of the conversation targeted the period when a company outgrows its initial shared hosting plan and raised the question — Why are businesses suddenly expected to maintain their own servers?

“They realized startups and small businesses could benefit from the removal of technical barriers to make cloud hosting accessible to anyone, anywhere,” Emma said. “With their backgrounds as tech veterans and serial entrepreneurs, they brainstormed and designed an automated service where cloud deployment could take just a matter of minutes.”

Gilad and Asaf launched Cloud With Me after much time brainstorming and designing a solution they wish they could have used themselves. The company initially focused on providing easier moves to AWS and delivered 2,800 new accounts to the service in Cloud With Me’s first four months.

Cloud With Me earned an Advanced Technology Partner recognition from AWS in March 2017, and the company added packages for Microsoft Azure to its portfolio a few weeks later. By the end of the year, Cloud With Me had launched services for Google Cloud — as the platform’s very first partner.

Cloud With Me removes the technical barriers to make cloud hosting accessible to anyone, anywhere. Premium cloud hosting has never been easier. Try Google Cloud risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee now!