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G Suite benefits – why your company should be using it

Google celebrated its 20-year anniversary this week – feel old yet? Two decades since the search engine started its run to become the undisputed king of the internet. The company has expanded and adapted since then to offer a wide range of products and services – including a suite of products known as G Suite.

We make no secret here at Cloud With Me that we are major fans of Google products – we’re an official partner of Google Cloud and proud of it. G Suite has grown in stature in recent years as more and more companies see the benefits related to it, compared to traditional applications used in offices such as Microsoft Office.

This post aims to take a look at the various benefits to using G Suite for your company.

What is G Suite?

G Suite refers to Google’s suite of intelligent apps which offer a wide variety of services. The most common ones are email, word processing and file storage.

G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps up until 2016, when it rebranded itself, similar to how Google App Engine transformed into Google Cloud Platform.

G Suite Features


The ultimate email app. With well over one billion users of Gmail, it is the market leader when it comes to email accounts worldwide. It works on so many levels. G Suite essentially allows your employees to have their own Gmail accounts with email addresses with your business domain name. There is a free version of Gmail but for a fully-functioning business you’ll want the G Suite version to maximise efficiency.

Google Docs

Rapidly rising as the word processor of choice for professionals, due to its flexibility and constant updates. Docs allows you to create and edit text documents and in your browser, without the need for an external application. Documents can be imported from other formats, including Microsoft Word.

Writers and content creators particularly love Docs as it automatically saves your work every couple of seconds, so you don’t lose any progress you’ve made if your computer crashes or some other act of God.

Google Sheets

Similarly to Google Docs, Sheets takes the best of Microsoft Excel but does it better. It’s easy to collaborate with your colleagues on the same project as anyone can input data to a spreadsheet. Google spreadsheets are really customizable, hosted in the cloud for easy access and can perform loads of tasks, from content brainstorming to scheduling to data visualization.

Google Drive

All those documents and sheets need to go somewhere, right? That’s where Google Drive comes in. A cloud-based storage system where all your documents are automatically saved to both your and colleagues’ accounts to enable simultaneous working.

Drive has an amazing search functionality It allows you to search for files from the names of people working on them, to even the mention of a word within a large data field.

Google Calendar

Keep on top of your appointments and meetings for the days, weeks and months ahead with this highly synchronised Google app. Many of us here at Cloud With Me use it for scheduling calls with important stakeholders and setting dates and reminders for important projects. Calendars can be created both for individuals and for teams and the organisation as a whole.

Google Hangouts

Revamped in early 2018, Hangouts was updated to become a great chat tool for keeping in contact with colleagues and others. You can make conversations more efficient by interacting directly with deeply integrated Google bots and third party apps. Video calls and conferencing are new features as well.

G Suite Benefits


When you pay for G Suite you are paying for serious reliability. Being backed up by Google’s really high-level infrastructure gives you real peace of mind, with 99.9% uptime guaranteed. All of Google’s data centers are built with redundant infrastructure, so that means there is no such thing as scheduled downtime or maintenance.


Considering everything you can get out of G Suite, it is insanely good value. It’s basically an all-in-one package for your business. When you sign up through your Cloud With Me account you can get it for a reduced price. 

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We’ve spoken on here before about the security of Google Cloud Platform. G Suite is built on top of GCP, providing one of the most secure networks of data centers in the world, with a high degree of protection against attack. Some of the biggest companies in the world use GCP to power and secure their systems, including Spotify and eBay.

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