7 apps every startup should be using

Startups are hot property right now for one reason – disruption. Large companies which had a traditional hold on a variety of industries are now having to deal with major competition from a host of innovative upstarts. They are being forced to either adapt new technologies into their products and how they operate, or risk major losses of both revenue and customers.

As a result startups are popping up everywhere in every industry, forcing market share away from traditional giants by offering high quality services at often a much lower cost.

However, it is well documented that the failure rate of startups nowadays is perilously high. With the arrival of so many companies and subsequent increase in competition, many find it tough to survive. Issues around productivity and other teething problems often lead to more serious faults which small operations can struggle to deal with.

But one serial advantage that practically all startups can count on is their willingness to embrace new methods of working. Getting the most out of your team and your business is crucial to success, regardless of the industry.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few our favourite apps and websites that can allow your startup to flourish:


One of the great startup success stories. Now a Silicon Valley stalwart, Slack is the ultimate team app. Slack allows everyone in your organisation to keep in constant contact through a variety of group and individual messaging channels.


A really great marketing tool to help your business understand its customers. Hotjar allows you to track movements of your users on your website, which allows you to see how far down the funnel they get and why they are or aren’t buying your product. Understanding who your potential clients are and how they behave is crucial to the success (or otherwise) of your business.

Product Hunt

A lot of companies use Product Hunt to launch their products, and many have seen thousands of users join/use their product in a single day. It’s a hotbed for startup ideas and a great way to stay on top of products, but also a great way to connect with other people interested in sharing and discovering the best products.


Just like Slack, Monday is a really great productivity app which allows your employees to log their tasks and keep the rest of the team up to date on their progress. There’s loads more options for projects and continuous tasks. It’s got a really slick design and awesome UX too.


Social media is a key form of marketing nowadays in many industries, so keeping on top of your content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is key. Hootsuite is an all in one package for your social media needs, combining your news feeds, posts, scheduled posts and private messages in one place.


The days of trying to remember dozens of usernames and passwords is over. With LastPass you can automatically (and securely) store your info to allow for easy login to all your accounts. Data security is a major issue for so many digital startups these days, so manually storing passwords is really not recommended. LastPass sorts that problem out.


With the demands of having a small team with limited resources, as is the case with a lot of startups, finding freelancers to work on certain projects is key to having a flexible workspace. There are a few platforms that help to connect businesses and freelancers, but Fiverr’s quality control trumps the rest.

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