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WordPress vs Wix – which one is better?

wordpress vs wix

Deciding on whether to build your website on WordPress vs Wix? You’ve come to the right place.

WordPress is easily the most popular website building platform out there. Its user-friendly interface shows why millions of people the world over turn to it for their CMS needs. It currently powers a massive 29% of the world’s sites.

Wix is a platform which has risen in popularity in recent times with a modern approach to website building, similar to the likes of Squarespace.

The WordPress vs Wix debate boils down to several factors, including issues related to cost effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use.

Both platforms require you to have your own hosting solution, you can find comparisons between different hosting options in our post on small business web hosting.

WordPress vs Wix – Flexibility

With WordPress you can pretty much modify your website however you want to. A lot of people like WordPress as the community offers you thousands of free plugins so you can add more tools to your WordPress site.

While Wix does have a certain element of creative control in their platform, only their own in-house developers can create tools and adjust the platform.

Wix made the decision to sacrifice some flexibility in order to create a site building experience that makes it easy for even beginners to create a functioning website. WordPress, on the other hand, sacrifices a little bit of user-friendliness in order to give you the ability to customise 100% of your website.

WordPress vs Wix – Usability

What makes these two website builders two of the most popular platforms out there is the fact that pretty much anyone can set up a site through them pretty easily.  Wix works as a drag and drop builder, allowing the user to simply move around blocks as they wish. Initially becoming accustomed to WordPress takes a little more time. The placement of your content really depends on how the template you are using is set up so can vary.

Essentially, although WordPress is a very powerful platform, to be able to use it effectively, it makes sense to learn at least some basic coding skills to open up a new range of possibilities for your site.

After the initial setup of your theme however, WordPress becomes as easy, if not easier, to use than Wix. Everything is laid out clearly for the user regardless of technical expertise.

WordPress vs Wix – Value

Wix is pretty much like an all-inclusive package where all your website building needs are provided and serviced by Wix, but you will pay a premium for this.

With WordPress you have to pay for your hosting needs and your domain (all of which come included in a package with Cloud With Me). In most cases it’s worth paying extra for a premium theme that suits your style, while there are a lot of free plugins which are useful too.

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