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WordPress vs Medium – where should I publish my blog?

Looking for an answer on whether to choose WordPress vs Medium for your blog or website? The thing is they are very different tools, but both represent good options for setting up a personal or business blog.

This post aims to give you a better understanding of these differences so that you can make an informed choice about which one suits your needs best.

Medium is a platform for “stories”, according to its website. That essentially means it’s set up as a blog platform first and foremost. That’s the major difference when it comes to WordPress vs Medium, in that WordPress offers a wide infrastructure of web tools alongside being a blog platform.

WordPress is a fully operating Content Management System (CMS) which allows users to create actual websites without needing to be an expert in coding languages and frameworks. As well as creating blogs, users can set up ecommerce stores or any other type of site.

WordPress hosting is one of the most popular services available via Cloud With Me’s managed onboarding solutions. Combined with a server from Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure, it could be the perfect start for your blog.

As it stands many bloggers would prefer the editor available in Medium as opposed to the one in WordPress, but rumour has it WordPress is introducing a new editor system in 2018 – so keep your eye out for that.

WordPress vs Medium – Own it

When you set up WordPress on your own hosting, you 100% own your website and all the content that you publish.

That means no one can ‘close’ your account and kick you off the platform as long as you abide by the relevant laws. More importantly, you can make any change that you want to your site. If you want to introduce an ecommerce section – there’s a plugin for that. If you want to place ads on your site – there are options for that. It’s fully customisable.

WordPress site ‘The Inspiration Blog’

Your data and content is always 100% your own, which is important as you scale up in the future and want to have all your online presence as part of your own infrastructure.

WordPress vs Medium – Monetization

If you get to the stage where your content is ready to be monetized, you should absolutely choose WordPress over Medium. While Medium does have a partnership program that that allows people to earn money from their content, WordPress offers an easier outlet for you to make money from your site.

With WordPress you can run ads, create sponsorship campaigns and use affiliate programs pretty easily, for when it’s time to step your content game.

WordPress vs Medium – Simplicity

If it’s a very simple and easy to work blogging platform you want, Medium perhaps offer the best option as there are really no complexities of setting up and operating a Medium blog. Many large companies utilize Medium for their blog so they don’t have another platform to worry about when it comes to management.

Popular Medium blog ‘Bright’

If you don’t care about owning your own site and having the option to add extra features and monetize it however you want, there’s no denying that Medium makes it easier to get up and running with a blog.

At Cloud With Me we decided to host our blog on WordPress due to the wide range of options available in the platform.

With WordPress, the placement of your content really depends on how the template you are using is set up so can vary. The WordPress dashboard is pretty basic – but can be added to extensively the more proficient you become with the platform.

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