Cloud News

This week in the Cloud – Five things you need to know

There’s been loads going on in tech this week, here’s the weekly Cloud With Me roundup!


Snapchat looks like it is teaming up with Amazon to introduce a ‘visual search feature’, which could allow users to buy products with a snap. Read more here.

Fake news

Google is spending $25m on a major update to YouTube which would help to combat ongoing issues with breaking news on the video streaming platform. Read more here.

Healthy clouds

A new report has shown that the healthcare cloud computing industry could grow to as large as $22bn in the next four years as major healthcare companies switch to the cloud. Read more here.

Facebook fined

Facebook has received a £500,000 fine from UK authorities for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, as it was adjudged to have broken privacy laws there. Read more here.

Musk to the rescue

No one really knew why Tesla founder Elon Musk showed up in Thailand this week to help the process of rescuing a team of young Thai footballers trapped inside a cave. While his help wasn’t needed in the end, here’s what he was trying to do.

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