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This week in the Cloud – Five things you need to know

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Just before you clock off for the weekend, brush up on the latest tech news with Cloud With Me.


There wasn’t a cloud in the Sky at SW5 this week as the annual Wimbledon tennis championships kicked off in London. Apart from the Cloud With Me team that is! Check out our visit to Wimbledon via our Instagram account.

Samsung playing up?

A bug with several Samsung smartphone models has seen private photos secretly sent out to contacts stored on the devices, owners are reporting. Read more here.

WhatsApp update

We’ve all been in WhatsApp group chats where the overload of messages just drives us crazy. This new feature from the Facebook-owned messaging app allows only admins of the group to send messages.

Amazon Go to store

Ecommerce giant Amazon has made its latest move into brick and mortar stores as it opened a second Amazon Go outlet, which contains no actual checkouts, and customers can just use their Amazon account directly inside. Read more here.

UK government blockchain

A UK government food agency has begun experimenting with blockchain on a small beef farm to gather data on meat standards. The FSA announced Monday it has successfully piloted a blockchain-based supply chain monitoring system. Read more here.

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