10 WordPress sites to take inspiration from

Need some inspiration for your WordPress sites? It’s widely known that WordPress powers as much as 30% of the sites online today, and for good reason.

Whether it be personal blogs, small business sites or major corporations, WordPress has the ability to cope with every type of site and offers a wide variety of design templates to suit whatever need you may have.

Look no further than Cloud With Me’s very own blog. We chose WordPress because it offers us the ability to adapt and adjust whatever tools we need to create content that our readers love.

That’s why we offer WordPress as one of our most successful and popular addons to our hosting solutions. Combined with an awesome cloud hosting solution from the likes of Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure, a well-designed WordPress site can take your business to the next level.

To that end, check out these WordPress sites from major organisations. They combine the best of cool, slick and usable and there is plenty of inspiration to be gained from the way they are set up.

The Next Web

Apart from being a great source of news for the techies amongst us, The Next Web’s WordPress site is slick without over complicating things, which is important for news sites.

Katy Perry

She created a website and she liked it. The US popstar’s website is run through WordPress and makes great use of colour schemes, as well as providing easy processes for selling merchandise.


Startup Lab is a startup accelerator with a well designed website. It’s light, thanks to their generous use of whitespace. Most of the colors on the page are light as well, with little bits of accented red.

Mercedes Benz

If you’re the type of person that has the spare cash ready to splash on a new car, you’d find it hard not to get sucked into this slick WordPress site from the German car brand. The way the images show up on the site showcase Mercedes’ products really well.

Facebook Newsroom

Yes, even Facebook and its complex web of infrastructure relies on WordPress to power its newsroom and blog. It’s certainly not flashy but it’s well laid out and provides for a great UX.


Bloomberg is a financial markets news site and counted as a trusted source of news for investors, and its site includes everything that is needed from such a WordPress site. A wide variety of financial tools, including graphs, charts and tickers.

The New Yorker

The cultured magazine has captured its style accurately in its online version, with the help of a range of WordPress features.


News blog Quartz has one of the most unique and recognisable WordPress sites out there, with a great mix of white space and full page images making for a dynamic user experience.


It offers a clean and uncluttered design, custom page templates, built-in ad zones, unlimited color schemes, a responsive layout, custom widgets, and much more

Sony Music

Some of the biggest musicians in the world are signed to Sony Music, and this page provides a great platform for sales and an intro to the world of Sony.

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