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This week in the Cloud – Five things you need to know

cloud with me

The weekend is upon us – here’s what’s been going on in the tech world this week:

Startup havens

Making a decision on where to set up your business will come down to a number of factors. Some cities have become known as hotbeds for startup activity, based on their access to top class talent and business infrastructures. Here are the top 10 fastest growing startup cities.

Azure thing

The significance of the cloud computing industry was shown once again this week as Microsoft received higher investment ratings based on increased profits from Microsoft Azure, the tech giant’s cloud product. Read more here.

Slacking off

The digital world lost its mind for a brief spell on Wednesday when productivity app Slack experienced “connectivity issues” and was down for a few hours. Contrary to certain commentators at the time, the world did indeed continue. Read more here.

Facebook lifts crypto ban

Speculation has been rife that Facebook is weighing up a bid to acquire cryptocurrency platform CoinBase, and now Mark Zuckerberg and co have relaxed their ban on crypto ads. Read more here.

Heatwave gadgets

There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky at Cloud With Me HQ in Dublin this week, with Ireland and the UK experiencing their highest temperatures in decades in some places. When the factor 50 runs out, here’s a handy list of gadgets to cope with high temperatures.

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