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These cities are the fastest growing startup hubs in 2018

Silicon Valley is the promised land for entrepreneurial dreams. Many successful startups have been born in the California hub of tech development, but many other cities are thriving with startup activity and provide fertile ground for growing your business.

Among the factors many startups look for when they’re setting up their base are the availability of top talent, the reach of the market and funding opportunities.

With these factors in mind, here are some of the cities which are thriving from startup activity in 2018:


The German capital has long been known as one of the coolest cities in Europe and this is drawing many entrepreneurs to the city to set up their business.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv seems to be flourishing in its role as a startup hotbed right now. The entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in many Israelis is perhaps one reason for that, and many are flocking to the capital to realise their dreams.


Several tech behemoths have set up their European centres in Ireland. There is an ever growing startup scene as well though, particularly as many see it as a viable alternative in the face of Brexit.


Even the potential effects of Brexit don’t appear to be slowing London’s reputation as a hub of creativity and talent.


Currently one of the world’s top financial centers. Singapore is attractive for startups due to the availability of funding, while government support for growing local businesses is also a key factor.


Boston is now harnessing the top quality talent in close proximity with a number of world-class colleges nearby. An influx of capital in recent years has fuelled investment in the US city.


India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Investors see plenty of potential for growth in the tech sector in particular, with Bangalore at the forefront of that.


With the help of public grants, subsidies, and loans, Paris has maintained its status as a thriving startup hub. Sharing economy projects have done particularly well here – including ride sharing company BlaBlaCar.


Texas wouldn’t be the first place in many people’s minds for tech and innovation. However, Austin is one of the leading US cities after major tech firms such as IBM and Dell bet on its prospects.


The city has been crowned the ‘tech capital’ of Australia due to its focus on innovation and productivity. Melbourne’s lower living and real estate costs compared to Sydney, coupled with an enviable quality of life have made it a magnet for tech talent.

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