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AI and Machine Learning Plugins for your WordPress Site

We’re moving towards a world where the focus on minimizing human error and boosting operational efficiency is becoming the ultimate goal of all businesses. It’s natural that you follow the same for your website, so Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning should be utilized to get the best possible results.

So how do you incorporate AI and Machine Learning into your website? Well, you install the right plugins. In fact, here’s a list of the best Machine Learning and AI plugins for your WordPress site.


The WordLift plugin integrates your site with the actual web-based service. The service is meant to help site owners improve the search engine rankings. To achieve this, WordLift offers SEO guidance and content improvement with the help of a knowledge graph.

What it basically does is that it analyzes the site content to offer media options, figures, and facts with the goal to match and develop context-based relationships among your publications (blogs/articles). By doing so, it recommends better content to visitors.

It creates a knowledge graph for your site that grows smarter as you add more content.


This plugin usually comes pre-installed on most WordPress. What it does is it uses machine learning to identify spam comments and delete them. Millions of websites rely on Akismet for its abilities. The best part is the plugin keeps improving with time.

It identifies spam comments from humans by learning from its own mistakes and studying patterns on other sites.

Google Language Translator

If you’re on the verge of localizing your business, an initial bit of translation is going to be necessary. Google Language Translator helps with that. This is still machine-based translation, which means the accuracy may not be great.

However, this plugin is the best option we have so far. More importantly, it gets the job done. It uses Google’s Machine Learning and AI to translate the content.

You can select the exact languages you want and add the translator as a sidebar widget.


Looking to boost engagement? WatsonFinds is the plugin for the job. It leverages IBM’s cognitive AI to observe the emotional impact of your content. The resulting insights can help you improve your customer engagement strategies.

When you install the plugin, you will see a WatsonFinds icon in the WordPress editor. Clicking this will open up a popup that displays the emotional score. Then, based on the score, you can edit your content to make it more human.

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